Ready to Buy

A Buyer's Agent

As your Buyer’s Agent, Regent Realty Group will be your:

Networker and Technology Advisor. Regent Realty Group is well connected with the local community. We will contact you regarding any new listing, or off-market listings, that meet your criteria. As many other Real Estate Agents will simply put you on an automated email list through their MLS subscription, Regent Realty Group proves different. We will actively look for listings for you that are in your best interests and contact you; as opposed to making you do the searching and contacting us. Regent Realty Group is here to serve you.

Negotiator and Personal Guide. We will ensure that we negotiate with the Seller’s Agent assertively and aggressively for you. Our priority is your best interest and we will ensure that we obtain the best possible price for your purchase. Regent Realty Group will guide you through the entire process of purchasing a home from beginning to close of escrow. We will provide you will home inspections assistance and will alert you as to any legal ramifications that may present themselves during the process. We will provide you with the best referrals as needed and will go the extra step and assist you with scheduling any appointments/meetings, if needed.

Lifetime Real Estate Consultants. Regent Realty Group is always here for our clients long after the close of any real property purchase. Do you need any referrals or recommendations to a third party or have questions/concerns about the real estate market in the future? Always feel free to give us a call at any time.